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Research & Volunteer Program

Research Volunteer

ZebraWe invite you to Embark on an African adventure, join our student guides while contributing to conservation and the protection of all fauna and flora. Future sustainability! Learn about the wildlife in all its biodiversity, while experiencing Kololo.

Our aim

In a whole, the aim is to help our Rangers and Field Guides in creating a balance within conservation on the 1500ha of Kololo, while educating yourself about conservation and wildlife.

Our Researchers & Volunteers


  • older than 18 (no age limit!);
  • in possession of a passion for nature and wildlife;
  • not required to have previous experience, but are willing to learn and participate in all aspects of the program;
  • able to follow lectures & training in English; and are
  • interested in the focus of the research side of ecology and wildlife. The program has limited focus on human-animal interaction. The course is an introduction for anyone interested in joining the FGASA program to become a qualified guide within all its levels.
  • a group of min. 3 people.

Kololo also offers training positions for student guides. These students work with us to gain experience in guiding and assist in the research and

Our accommodation

The volunteers live with our student guides. Accommodation is simple and shared. We have transformed our conference room into a research centre with shared bed- and bathrooms. There is a kitchen, 2 dorm bedrooms, a lounging area, eating area, studying and lecture area, ablution and a braai area outside. Participants are expected to cook together (ingredients will be provided by Kololo).


What can you expect when participating in the program? The program revolves around undertaking research on Kololo from which tasks & lessons for future interventions on the reserve will arise. We will always work within the mission of the reserve as a whole but as the program evolves the different projects can move into different directions. Secondly, an important part is training the participants, providing them with better knowledge and understanding of the natural environment and everything that lives within it.

Night CamStart Dates 2020

The program runs for 2 weeks. Students can join both week 1 and stay 2 weeks, or join in week 2 and stay 1 week.

First day                         Last day

22-Feb 2020         –          07-Mar 2020
18-Apr 2020         –          02-May 2020
16-May 2020        –          30-May 2020
13-Jun 2020         –          27-Jun 2020
11-Jul 2020          –           25-Jul 2020
08-Aug 2020       –           22-Aug 2020
12-Sep 2020        –           26-Sep 2020
10-Oct 2020        –           24-Oct 2020
07-Nov 2020      –            21-Nov 2020


EUR 500 per week for the first week and EUR 450 for the second week.

Interested to learn more? Send an e-mail to

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