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It was a beautiful morning drive, we had a lot amazing sightings to see from rhinos, jackels, lions and a lots of birds just to name a few.

Elephant encounter

As we were heading back to the lodge after our morning drive, we had a close encounter with a young Elephant bull who blocked the road while feeding on a silver cluster tree which was near by the road.

While we were waiting for him to eventually move away from the road and enjoying the bush traffic jam, we also had a chat about this amazing animal and their feeding habits.

Elephant facts

Elephants are known to be distractive feeder and push trees over to access the green leaves on the crown and also debark trees to access the inner cambium layer which contains water and nutrient being transported up or down the stem of the tree, which helps especially in winter where the nutrients are low.

An adult bull Elephant consumes 300kg of food a day (5% of its body weight) and may expel up to 155kg of dung in a day. Elephants need to drink to facilitate digestion of the coarse material that they eat. Elephant will walk for long distance in search for water and they are also capable of digging water especial in drier seasons. They will take in between 100 liters and 16 liters’ of water a day in one sitting. This amazing animal trunk can carry about 13litres of water at once.

All in all we had a fantastic morning drive, really great.