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Great photos

It has been an amazing few weeks on Kololo and Welgevonden, and on each drive you can hear cameras snapping away at the sight of beautiful creatures, sunsets and birds. Cheetahs, Lions, Hippos and more, all came out to play and we could enjoy every single minute of it.

Nature is a strange and unpredictable thing, and a game drive never really goes as planned. Some days you could struggle to find the animals, and some days luck takes over and there is a surprise behind every tree.

Great Game Drive’s

What also makes for a great game drive, is the fact that most animals are so relaxed with the vehicles and sometimes we can get nice and close. We do however consider safety as our number one priority, but if the opportunity shows up, there is no problem getting those close-ups we all enjoy. Sometimes however, it is nice to put the cameras away, and just take it all in.

I personally enjoy the deafening silence of the African bush a lot and I make sure that I switch of my vehicle every now and then, just to listen to the breeze and the stream flowing down the hill. During the winter months it could be very quiet out here, but also the complete opposite. It is mating season for most mammals, and they are extremely vocal, night or day. Jackal, Blue Wildebeest and Impala are amongst the noisiest animals at the moment, and it is so interesting to hear all the sounds they make. Animals make different sounds, and each sound has a different meaning. Be sure to use those ears as much as your eyes on your next game drive at Kololo.

Share Your Experiences!

I managed to take some great photos lately and would love to share them. Please share your photos as well, as nature is a great piece of art that is considered priceless.