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You know Kololo Game Reserve from a visit to our lodge or you follow us on social media. So you know what a beautiful lodge Kololo is. For over 16 years we have been working on this project with heart and soul, with the highest attention to Fair Trade principles, to offer our guests an unsurpassed African adventure. We provide employment to more than 30 employees and we continuously work on preserving nature and wildlife. (As an example: the giraffes are having a great time at Kololo: we have now counted 27 of these beautiful animals in the reserve).

Owners of Kololo
Kids safari
Reception with giraffe
COVID-19 Update

Dear valued guests and partners,

We at Kololo Game Reserve acknowledge the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus, the health and safety of our guests is of utmost importance. Therefore we keep a close eye on the developments and change our policies and protocols to the changing circumstances. More information about Covid-19 on the South African government's Covid-19 portal:


The story of Kololo

History of Kololo goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, 1910 to be precise. In de cause of the years a lot happened. Of course offering a richness in stories. How Kololo transformed from a farm into the 4-star lodge it is today. How Welgevonden came into being. But of course there are also contemporary stories: from guests, rangers, staff, bloggers and vloggers. We have collected those stories here. And we continuously add new stories to it. Because knowing more about the place you are visiting makes this place even more interesting and exciting. And South Africa continues to be fascinating, day after day.

Owners of Kololo
Game drive welgevonden

Our rangers are the best story tellers

Kololo employs a team of qualified rangers to guide our guests on walks and game drives.

Our rangers go on game drives and bushwalks every day. Not knowing what the day brings, which interesting animals they will encounter or which exciting moments they will experience. In our blog, the rangers of Kololo tell the best stories (hunting lions, fighting elephants), give the most interesting observations (porcupine, aardvark and share other interesting events with useful background information.

Articles are not alway assigned to a ranger because we often work with (permanent) freelance guides due the varying occupancy in high and low season.

Game Drive

Fair Trade Tourism and more!

Sustainability is of paramount importance to Kololo. We are proud to be certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa, an organisation that tests the tourism industry against strict criteria in different fields. This shows we are on the right track. But we want to go much further in reducing our footprint thereby putting less pressure on nature. Water, energy and waste are treated much “greener”, ter are far-reaching plans to change to solar power. But we also pay a lot of attention to our community. Most of our staff comes from Vaalwater, the closest town to Kololo. Healthcare, work environment and benefits such as a pension plan are our focus. In Vaalwater Kololo is a major sponsor of the Waterberg Welfare Society. People, nature and animals in balance, that is what we are striving for whilst in the meantime we are offering our guests an unsurpassed safari experience.

Research & Volunteer Program

Volunteer at Kololo and contribute to our conservation efforts

Kololo has introduced the Kololo Research & Volunteer program.

Research Volunteer
Kololo Game Reserve & EcoTraining partnership

EcoTraining Student Guides

Ralph Kirsten, the new Guiding & Conservation head of department at Kololo Game Reserve, worked for many years as an instructor with EcoTraining. EcoTraining is the pioneer and leader of field guide and nature training in South Africa. Ralph has forged a partnership with EcoTraining to bring qualified apprentice field guides into Kololo Game Reserve for their 6 month lodge placement program.

COVID-19 Update

We at Kololo Game Reserve acknowledge the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus, the health and safety of our guests is of utmost importance.

COVID-19 Update

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