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Kololo Game Reserve & EcoTraining partnership

Kololo Game Reserve has now forged a partnership with EcoTraining to bring qualified apprentice field guides into Kololo for their 6 month lodge placement program. EcoTraining is the pioneer and leader of field guide and nature training in South Africa.

The EcoTraining Program

The EcoTraining student program consists of 6 months nature training in some of the wildest locations in Africa, including the greater Kruger National Park, Mashatu in Botswana, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and the Masai Mara in Kenya. In these different wilderness locations students go through the following courses during their theoretical and practical training:

  • FGASA Apprentice field guide – Level 1 guiding certification and licence;
  • Wilderness trails guiding and viewing potentially dangerous animals on foot with paying guests;
  • Advanced Rifle handling;
  • Tracking training and accreditation;
  • Wilderness First Aid;
  • Birding qualifications;
  • 4×4 driving for wilderness areas;
  • Navigation;

Practical Workplace Training

After their initial 6 months training and certification, the apprentice field guides are placed at lodges for their practical workplace experiential training. Whilst guiding is at the forefront of this experiential learning they are required to work in all the departments present at the lodge including: front of house, reception, maintenance, restaurant and the conservation projects. Through this they will gain a full understanding of all the requirements of running a successful accommodation and wildlife establishment.

Kololo Student Guides

Game DriveThe current group of students are a very welcome addition to the team and will especially help to grow the guiding department leading groups into Welgevonden Big 5 reserve and Kololo Game reserve under the watchful eye of our fieldguides. The students will be trained to become an asset for Kololo Game Reserve, as well as the current stock of field guides in South Africa as a whole when they go out to apply their training and experience obtained over the 1st year period.

We hope that you get to meet the team when visiting us and learn more of their wildlife experiences that they have been witness to.

Here’s to a prosperous and mutually beneficial relationship with EcoTraining and the apprentice field guides!

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