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Reception with giraffe

Dear friends of Kololo, dear Africa and nature lovers,

You know Kololo Game Reserve from a visit to our lodge or you follow us on social media. So you know what a beautiful lodge Kololo is. For over 16 years we have been working on this project with heart and soul, with the highest attention to Fair Trade principles, to offer our guests an unsurpassed African adventure. We provide employment to more than 30 employees and we continuously work on preserving nature and wildlife. (As an example: the giraffes are having a great time at Kololo: we have now counted 27 of these beautiful animals in the reserve).

Reception with giraffe

And then…. Corona… No more guests and no more income. But a reserve such as Kololo cannot escape the fact that the sizeable fixed costs continue. And, like you, we don’t know when the guests will return.

Unfortunately, the South African business climate does not offer us much financial support. Naturally, we took immediate action to limit the damage as much as possible, but if the crisis continues, drastic measures need to be taken. Most likely this will be at the expense of personnel, nature and animals to ensure the continuity of Kololo. This would destroy all our work from the past 16 years.

We don’t want this to happen! We continue to fight for Kololo but unfortunately we have to conclude that we cannot do this alone ……….

Support us!

We therefore ask you for your help: support our conservation program “Friends of Kololo”.

We are looking for contributions for the following 3 concrete programs, but any free gift is also more than welcome!

  • Contribution Welgevonden Big 5 Game Reserve: a.o. for the anti-poaching program for the conservation of rhinos and elephants in Welgevonden
  • Winter food for all our animals
  • Contribution for the staff, currently present at the lodge.

With your donation, we can preserve these programs, our giraffes, zebras, wildebeest and many other animals, such as the majestic sable antelopes recently introduced into the reserve, as much as possible. And you help us to continue our nature conservation program. So that when the crisis is over and hopefully you will visit us again, you will see Kololo, nature and animals in their original glory.

And for you…


For every donation over EUR 50, you “virtually adopt” a small part of Kololo. The team present at the lodge will assign a specially selected item to you and record it for you in a small video and / or photo. So, have you always wanted to own a dungbeetle? Want to “adopt” a cheerful impala? Or do you want to become the proud protector of a specific plant or tree? Let us know by sending an email to with the reference of your donation and we will send you your digital safari souvenir and a Kololo certificate for your contribution.

Are you in? Contribute by transferring an amount to:

YTJ Beheer B.V. ABNAMRO Account: IBAN NL40ABNA0849533600, reference: your name and “Friends of Kololo” contribution.


Account Holder:  YTJ Beheer BV South Africa Brauche Office Inc. in the Netherlands t/a Kololo Game Reserve, Branch Code: 260247, Account: 62068555443, Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ, reference: your name and “Friends of Kololo” contribution.

Thank you very much for your help on behalf of the entire Kololo Team, the animals and nature we love so much!

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