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Kololo Mission

We try to work with local people, management and employees as much as possible. Education and training is an important component of our strategy. We offer our staff, wherever possible, training opportunities to develop themselves in their work.

We currently have our own bio-septic tank, we filter our own water and recycle our own waste. In the coming years we also want to switch to solar energy on Kololo. We also request our guests and employees to conduct their work or to enjoy the surroundings with respect to nature an environment.

“Kololo Game Reserve strives to keep preserve the African way of life for future generations. We strive to do this by supporting our surroundings, protecting nature and providing our guests with an unforgettable wildlife experience”

Kololo Vision

We are a Fair Trade certified, eco-friendly, family oriented, 4 star game reserve, focussing on giving back to the local community and nature as well as the needs of our guests. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are at the core of our business, our aim is to be self-sufficient and to operate in harmony with nature. Guests can enjoy a real African experience, but also giving back to the community through social investment.

Fair Trade Tourism

We are proud that Kololo has been certified since November 2009 by Fair Trade Tourism. This organisation encourages and publicizes fair and responsible business practice by South African tourism establishments. They do this by offering a certification programme (and supporting activities) that endorses tourism establishments that meet the following stringent criteria:


  • Fair wages and working conditions, fair operations, purchasing and distribution of benefits.
  • Ethical business practice.
  • Respect for human rights, culture and the environment.

The Fair Trade Principles from Kololo Game Reserve:

  • Fair share: Our team is fairly compensated for their work at Kololo Game Reserve.
  • Fair say: Our team participates in decisions concerning themselves, family or community.
  • Respect: Kololo carries out its activities with respect for human rights, local culture and the environment. We have several measures in place to reduce, such as: consumption of water and energy, recycling, conservation and improvement of biodiversity on Kololo and also taking care of creating a safe working environment.
  • Sustainability: Kololo is strongly committed to sustainable tourism. It is our mission to give guests a once in a lifetime African wildlife experience, whilst upholding the African way of life by empowering our local community and protecting the wildlife.
  • Reliability: The safety of both our employees and guests is very important to us. We offer our employees a safe workplace and we ensure the safety of our guests with our qualified rangers and good information provision at the lodge.
  • Transparency: Kololo is committed to a transparent management. Any employee has the right to access to information concerning him or her and family.

Waterberg Welfare Society

WWSKololo Game Reserve supports the Waterberg Welfare Society (WWS), we also have a ‘guest support program’ through which we actively engage our guests.

What is Waterberg Welfare Society?

The main goal of the Waterberg Welfare Society is to provide support for people affected and influenced in anyway by HIV/AIDS in the Waterberg district of the Limpopo Province. WWS provides educational prevention and awareness workshops, home community based care, supporting groups who are living with HIV\AIDS, support in accessing antiretroviral treatment, youth programs and life skills in schools. The WWS focus is HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness in the local community in Vaalwater. They use a holistic approach and provide access to treatment where required and other supporting services.

Guest Support Program

In association with the Waterberg Welfare Society , Vaalwater orphans benefit by a ‘guest support’ program through which we provide clothing and school supplies. Guests visiting Kololo are requested to bring along clothes for donation. If you would like to donate to them you can bring items to the Kololo Reception. Our management will inform you about the possibilities. In addition, Kololo also ensures the training of one of the hospice staff members.

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