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A caring Cheetah mother

It was once again a great Welgevonden game drive. We were able to spend some time with the mother cheetah and her cubs.

I first heard of the new cubs about 2 months ago, but she was quite elusive and hiding her babies very well.  I couldn’t wait to see them, and the other day, I finally got the chance.  The mother had a freshly killed Impala with her, and after catching her breath, she fetched her kids for breakfast.

A mother cheetah with three little hungry babies, need to hunt more often than a female without cubs.  Since the father plays no role in raising his kids, it’s all up to a caring mother to do all the work. Cheetahs mainly hunt small to medium sized animals, and it seems like the Impala is favourite amongst Welgevonden’s Cheetahs.

The Cheetah Cubs

The cubs are still small, about three months old maybe, and we are not sure yet, if they are males of females.  This little family are sticking to the central part of the reserve and finding them is not an easy task.  Once the cubs are a bit older, they will be able to travel longer distances.  But for now, this mother’s main concern is just to protect her cubs, and exploring the reserve is not part of her priorities right now.


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