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A surprise in the grass

Cheetah cub 1 Cheetah female in grass

Everyone always want to see the big cats, and I understand completely why. These animals are elegant, cunning and stunningly beautiful.

I left the lodge one morning with my guests, and together we decided that we will be looking for Cheetah. We do have a resident male cheetah in the south that just love attention, and we know where his favorite spots are. Together with some colleges we looked around for tracks, but could not find any sign of him.

Cheetah cub in road Cheetah cubs in road Cheetah cub 2

Finding a Cheetah with her cubs

After some hours of searching, a college located a single Cheetah, sitting in the distance in some tall grass. We rushed to the sighting with excitement and I felt like we accomplished our mission. When we got to the sighting, I picked up my binoculars and noticed something just to the left of the cheetah. Yes, there was a surprise in the grass. Sitting there with the cheetah, was two little cubs. It was definitely an adult female and not the male we were initially looking for.

After some time, the mother got up and the kids followed her. They walked across the road in front of us, stopping and posing for photos before taking a relaxing spot on the rocks. We watched them for approximately 40 minutes before leaving.

It is always a treat to spend some time with these cats. They are definitely one of my favorites, and I am sure I am not the only one. We suspect the cubs to be between 3 and 4 months old.