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Just another week in the African Bush

The advantage of being a guide in training is that we go on game drive regularly to increase our knowledge of the area and gain experience. This way we can keep an eye on the animals with their different territories and track their movements in the reserve. In this new ranger diary we provide an update of our experiences.

Dinokeng and Nala back together again

It was a beautiful morning and a great start to our week when we found “Dinokeng“ and “Nala“ back together. The western pride female has gone back to where she came from and it sure looked like “Nala“ was enjoying all the attention again. No competition anymore for our big female from the south. It was not long until we saw “Dinokeng“ and “Nala“ also mating. It was an amazing sighting and we cannot wait to get some cubs.

Male Lion Challenge

The next day of our week we heard over the radio that “Dinokeng“ and “Tembe“ were together at the bottom of Jan Stammetjie. We raced there to witness this event which could turn out to be spectacular. Once at the bottom of Jan Stammetjie wefound “Dinokeng“ alone roaring and scent marking. We drove on a bit and found “Tembe“ about 300m away just over broken bridge also roaring. We could surely see that “Tembe“ did not like the idea of “Dinokeng“ entering his territory. Nothing happened between the two lions but it looked like “Tembe“ was keeping his distance from the huge southern pride male “Dinokeng“.

Cheetah update

The mother with four cubs of the south

We are a bit concerned for our mother with four cubs of the south. We have not seen them hunting in a long time. They are still hiding far in the south at Nala’s Loop on the fence line. The mother exited the area once and went to Serengeti plains in search for food. She stayed a full day but we think she fell short. Talk around the reserve is that they are still scared after the close call with the lions a few weeks ago.

The mother of four in the north

It seems like the mother has abandoned her subadult cubs as we found her alone with a fresh impala kill close to site 43. Other rangers also reported that most of the time they find the subadults alone. We wish the best for our subadult cheetahs from the north and hope they survive in the harsh African bush.

Swimming Elephants

Another wet afternoon drive we thought. It was pouring with rain and the sightings were limited. We were heading back home as we came across Spurwing Dam and saw two elephant bulls playfighting completely submerged in the dam. We figured they were thinking: “well I’m already wet so let’s go for a swim”. At one stage the old bull of the south with the broken tusk was mounting the younger bull. What made it even more interesting is that the hippo was in the same pool keeping a close eye on the elephants… He was not too happy though.

Written by Erik / Jan / Kelvin
Photo credits:  @jan__wilke