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No problem sharing

Sometimes animal species can be quite mean to each other; however, some just get along fine.  In Welgevonden our Hippos do not mind sharing their waterhole with the mighty crocodile.

The Hippo and Crocodile

While the Hippo eats grass and the crocodile meat, there is no reason for them to quarrel or fight.  Animals that do not compete for the same food source generally get along just fine. It was incredible to see that the Hippos allowed this reptile to get so close and share their resting spot on the soft sand at the edge of the water.

But even though the hippo and crocodile get along most of the time, small baby hippos could fall victim to a hungry croc, and the Hippos will keep a sharp eye on this meat eater.  Crocodiles will also eat fish, birds, other reptiles and ambush mammals coming for a drink. They are great swimmers and can stay under water for 30 minutes at a time if threatened.

The crocodiles found in Africa are known as the Nile Crocodile, “Crocodylus crocodile” but there are 8 crocodile species found all over the world, namely; the saltwater, Nile, American, Crocodylus, Mugger, Freshwater, Dwarf, and slender snouted crocodiles.  The Nile crocodile is the second largest reptile in the world, after the bigger saltwater croc.  They are between 3.5 and 5 meters long and weigh between 300 and 750kg.  In some parts of Africa crocs of up to 1000kg have been encountered.


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