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Praying Mantis

The all famous praying mantis, so named because of their statue like pose with their legs together.

Master in disguise

The one I have on my finger is part of a family that make for very convincing twigs. As you can see the forelegs are extended outward giving him the long slender look of a twig. This, however, does go hand in hand with good camouflage. These insects are the masters at exactly that. Some mantids have very spikey, wavy edges to their body giving off the impression of thorns or leaves. Not only that but they would also shake their body acting as if they were a leaf simply blowing in the wind.

Ambush Insects

These front legs of a mantis don’t only act as tools in hiding away, but are also their deadliest weapons in their arsenal. Known for their adept camouflage and patience, these are ambush insects just like leopard.

Mating Ritual

As part of the mating ritual the female will bite the males head off during copulation, this is said to facilitate mating, talk about a hard life! One of many that’s out there.