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Sightings in Welgevonden Game Reserve

Over the past few weeks we had some interesting sightings in Welgevonden Game Reserve.

A rare sighting, an Aardvark during daytime

One of the less common sightings, an Aardvark during daytime. We just started our AM gamedrive to check if we are able to relocate the lions again when we saw an Aardvark in the drainage line next to Blau Dam. It was super relaxed and did not seem to pay attention to our presence at all. After about one minute of viewing it sadly disappeared in dense vegetation.

The Brown Hyena

Currently the Brown Hyena is the rarest species of hyena and we were lucky enough to see two of them together in Welgevonden Game Reserve. Brown hyenas are much smaller than their bigger cousins, the spotted hyena. An adult male weighs only around 40-45 kg and an adult female only 37-40 kg. They prefer open desert and semi-desert areas with rocky outcrops so the south of Welgevonden is a quite ideal habitat for them.

Lions of the Southern Pride

After “Dinokeng“ and “Nala“ split up and traveled by theirselves for a couple of days they are back together again.
While appart “Nala“ went into “The Outback“ while “Dinokeng“ stayed in his teritory in the south. It was a surprise when we found him mating with a female lion and an even bigger surprise when we realized that the female is not “Nala“ but a western pride female. While they were mating “Dinokeng“ made sure that there is no interaction between “Nala“ and the western pride female which was interesting to observe. Lateron we found “Nala” and “Dinokeng” back together and the western pride female is gone again.

Written by Erik / Jan / Kelvin
Photo credits:  @jan__wilke