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Snakes on Kololo

Mozambican Spitting Cobra, also known as the MFEZI

As in the Name, it’s a cobra, that spits. These snakes are very unique in the way that their venom differs from other cobras, consisting of a mix of neurotoxic and cytotoxic venoms. This allows the venom that is being spat has more an effect on the target animal or target area.
These snakes will often rear their head up fanning out their impressive hoods to ward off and warn any threat that would approach it.

Night Adder

One of the members of the fastest striking snakes in the world. This comes hand in hand with the fact that these are very well camouflaged ambush reptiles, often hiding away amongst foliage on the ground.


Snakes overall will enter a state of rest that is a lot like hibernation. Snakes have the ability to slow their bodily processes down so much that it can take months to digest a meal whilst in this state of “hibernation”.


Nathan Newman