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The Art of War

Animals fight for different reasons. Territory, the right to breed, food and even a popular waterhole. In most cases, animals will avoid confrontation, as injury could lead to death. However when it comes to mating season and high testosterone levels, war is inevitable.

Fighting Methods

Whether it is scratching, biting or kicking, all members of the animal kingdom has their own secret weapon. Zebras have an incredibly strong kick and are capable of doing serious harm to an opponent. Broken ribs or legs could potentially kill a Zebra. They also use their teeth and can even bite each other’s tails of.

Some animals like Wildebeest will use their horns to clash and sometimes even brake them. Horns are also good weapons for defense against predators and can cause some serious damage to a lion’s ego.

Some animals make use of potent venom and poison. Some are deadly, and some will be used to cripple an opponent. Color can also be seen as a weapon and is often used as a diversion or distraction.



The Fighting Ritual

Most battles are rituals and does not necessarily result in serious injury or death and one of the opponents will usually back off before things get out of hand. Sometimes a fight could end up in the winner, chasing of the looser, until he is safely out of his territory. Injured animals heal quickly with the help of Redbilled-oxpeckers that clean the wounds. However, broken horns stay broken, and these individuals might never be able to practice the art of war again.


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