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The Black-Backed Jackal

You do not need to be a big dog lover to fall in love with some of Africa’s cutest puppies, the black backed jackal.

Monogamous animals

Being social animals, these fox like mammals are normally seen with their mate and if you are lucky enough will be seen with their pups. Jackals pair monogamously, meaning a male and female pair up and defend a territory together for life.

Its not uncommon to find a band of 6, 7 up to 8 jackals in a single area. The pups from the previous litter will be seen hanging around in the parents territory and help in the raising of the new pups until they are experienced enough to mark their own territory and split off in search of a mate.


Jackals are very well adapted scavengers and are highly coordinated when stealing food off of a kill sometimes still with the offending predator close by

Iconic African sounds

Jackals are highly vocal, giving off a loud cry like call to advertise territory as well as the attraction of a mate, on top of all of that it is also how they relocate family members that have foraged too far from the elders during the day, it is by far one of the most iconic African sounds, just like that of a lion, if you don’t hear jackals calling at night you’re not in Africa. >


Nathan Newman