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White Rhino

We had a wonderful afternoon game driver with a lot of awesome sightings, we saw jackals, hippos, red hartebeest and a lot of plains game just to mention a few.

Sundowner with Rhino Visit

After our long drive we stopped to have our sundowner drinks near by the dam and enjoying the mountain view and the complete silence of nature. Suddenly we were surprised by unannounced guests, a crash of rhinos, who come to drink water and wallow in the mud, since it was a hot afternoon. After having their drink, they decided to come close and investigate. We packed-up and got into the game viewer so that we could safely watch them because we were the ones invading their space. This was a quite interesting moment both for the guest and myself, we had the opportunity to observe and learn interesting facts about this amazing animals.

Rhino Facts

  • The white Rhino is not white at all, it is derived from a mistranslation of the Dutch word “wijd” meaning wide in English (referring to the wide of the mouth).
  • The horn is composed of keratin just like our finger nails, claws and hooves. It continuously grows at about 60-100mm per year. The horn is kept sharp and horned as a weapon by rubbing against objects such as termite mound, trees and rock etc.
  • The white Rhino will make a big piles of dung which is called a Rhino midden for the purpose of advertising presence within an area to other rhinos of the same sex/species. Only dominant males mark their exclusive use territories like this, the females deposit their dung anywhere.
  • Rhinos have a poorer eyesight than most other animals. They can only see stationary objects clearly at a distances of 10-15 meters and moving objects at about 30 meters. Anything further than that this they cannot see.



Becky Mboweni